Bug Chance (no, really.) (bug7889) wrote in odds_an_obvious,
Bug Chance (no, really.)

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NAME:  Bug Chance. Well, 'Bug' isn't the name on my Birth certificate, but, as i understand it, neither is 'Dweezil'.
LOCATION:  England. St Albans. The Dun-jing of Dispair.
BANDS: Every thing Frank. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Les Claypool, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai,
FAV SONG: Ha, Punky's Whips. closely followed by Filthy Habits.
UNIQUE SKILLS: manipulation, or so i'm told. I can also burp on cue and roll my toungue, but i have a really shit memory.
PHOTO: since they changed every thing  in rich text, i don't know how.
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