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NAME:  Bug Chance. Well, 'Bug' isn't the name on my Birth certificate, but, as i understand it, neither is 'Dweezil'.
LOCATION:  England. St Albans. The Dun-jing of Dispair.
BANDS: Every thing Frank. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Les Claypool, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai,
FAV SONG: Ha, Punky's Whips. closely followed by Filthy Habits.
UNIQUE SKILLS: manipulation, or so i'm told. I can also burp on cue and roll my toungue, but i have a really shit memory.
PHOTO: since they changed every thing  in rich text, i don't know how.
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    Don't you ever wash that thing?

oi oi

name: phoebe
location: london
bands: zappa, beefheart, opeth, roxy music, david bowie, afi, nirvana, stravinsky, system of a down, atreyu, dragonforce, my chemical romance et autres
fav song: MONTANA
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    fame - david bowie (woo!)
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Ok i think i happen to be the wierdest person alive.
frickin bipolar i am.

i hate her. but i love her.
i wish she'd stop talking.
but then i'd be a hypocrite

i hate him more...right now i can't say i love him more too...but i know that i do.
i don't want to.
i wish...that....nothing, because if i wish'll come true and ruin my life.

sometimes i hate people and wish all people dead.
i am people too.
maybe i should be dead.

other times i love people so much it hurts and then its gay
because its not fair to love someone so very much.
they don't deserve my love.
someone who appreciates it can have it.

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happy 5 month anniversary. you know i love you. i just wish we had more time to sleep, more time for everything. but theres not enough for all that i want for you. not enough time.

i want to be inside you, make time stop.

3 o clock, 5 dollars you wont wake up, 5 dollars ill get mad, for something so silly, just symbolizing a day. do i care do i actually care? yes. no actually i dont care. actually yes. i do care.